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Thank you for choosing Stuart Oncology Associates, P.A. for Second Opinion!

Our Cancer Specialist Team are here to guide you through your Diagnosis and Treatment and will empower you to make decisions about your care based on fully understanding of all of your options.

Feel free to call us at 772-223-5955 to request an appointment.

Getting a second opinion may be an essential and necessary component of treating cancer diagnosis. It gives you a chance to meet with another specialist who can review your test and results and discuss your diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment plans.

Advantage of second opinion

  • Confirm cancer diagnosis and its stage.

  • Help to explore all treatment options and clinical trials.

  • An additional input of an expert give better prospective and confidence in chosen treatment plan.     

There are also some situations when second opinion is required, like,

  • Rare and Unusual diagnosis.

  • Concern about the side effects of treatment.

  • Non- responsiveness of treatment. 

  • Some times Health Insurance requires second opinion in case of cancer diagnosis.

Most of the Health Insurance Plan covers second opinion for cancer diagnosis. However, check with your provider to be sure about coverage plan.


Need a Second Opinion Following a Cancer Diagnosis
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